ACT 2 LEAD in Goodreads!

Exciting news! Our book has finally made its debut on Goodreads! Though the process took a bit longer than anticipated, what matters most is that you can now rate our book with stars and share your comments. Better yet, we can engage in discussions right there on the platform!

While we've already received plenty of feedback, primarily through LinkedIn and word of mouth, it's been overwhelmingly positive. Readers appreciate the thoughts, examples, and learnings we've shared, particularly the real-life examples. These cases serve to solidify and enrich the lessons, making them more tangible and memorable.

However, one issue with the feedback we've received thus far is its fleeting nature. Though certainly not forgotten by us, it tends to slip from readers' minds over time. It's akin to a one-time event, often buried amidst the noise of social media feeds. With Goodreads, though, we aim to remedy this. By centralizing feedback on the platform, we ensure that it's readily accessible to both current and future readers, fostering a continuous dialogue around the book.

Goodreads isn't just a handy tool for us; it's an invaluable resource for readers, too. With an ever-expanding list of books to explore, having visibility into fellow readers' feedback helps narrow down the choices and focus our attention on what truly matters.

But here's the catch: Goodreads thrives on your feedback! So, we encourage you to take a moment to visit our book's page and share your thoughts. Your voice matters, and by contributing your feedback, you're helping us and guiding potential readers in their decision-making process.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. We look forward to hearing from you on Goodreads!

We used a bit of ChatGPT help for this text. Did you notice?


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