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Long time no seen

It has been a busy winter for us. Not only in our daily work but also around the book. After the book was published five months ago, we agreed to focus on sharing our learnings for students. That was our first priority. And oh-boy, this is what we really have been doing! We have visited several Univertities and Universities of Applied Sciences. To be exact, we have visited 10 of them already, meaning we both have used around 50 hours for this. It is quite a big investment, as our calendars are pretty full already with other duties. But, man's gotta do what man's gotta do. Some of the talks were on-site, and some were remote. And the journey won't stop here: we will continue this in the future. In addition to this, we have been talking in podcasts, companies and in one hospital too. And our first public training will be this week! We have been asked how to get to the schools. We used one secret method for this. It is called "asking." We think that it is a bit under