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ACT 2 LEAD ride

Huh, what a ride it has been after the launch of our book! Sales are doing well, and in addition to that, we have had five events related to our book during November (see ): Knowit Agile Agent podcast ACT 2 LEAD talk in one insurance company's internal QA community FiSTB Testing Assembly, to sign and discuss around the book Leading of software testing -talk for South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk ACT 2 LEAD talks in Tieturi webinar: Story of the book + What is ACT 2 LEAD It is hard work to talk, as talk is about talking and thinking (what to say, how to say it, etc). It helps when the topic is so close to our hearts: software testing and how to lead it. Even though the topic and slides are the same, the talks and words are never the same. There are always some differences, which we spot as we discuss. And that is how it should be. Actually, it was the way the book was created, too. Also, talking to stude