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There was an observation. Or quite many, actually. Too often, we found out that all the people didn’t really understand software testing, even when they should. We were especially concerned about those who made decisions around testing, as department managers, program/project managers, product owners, service managers and also, a bit surprisingly, even some test managers and testers. We thought it was mostly to do with a lack of knowledge. They did not have to know how to test in practice, but they should have understood what testing is and what it means - from a holistic view. So we started to write a book ACT 2 LEAD, for all those people. We decided that the book would not teach how to test, but it should teach how to lead and manage testing. Sharing our own views on testing - how we understand it. Increasing the reader’s understanding and giving practical tips to survive better in their daily work. This is the first blog post on our website dedicated to spreading knowledge people ne