What is ACT 2 LEAD

First of all, ACT 2 LEAD is the book by Marko Rytkönen and Kari Kakkonen about leading software testing. It contains practical tips to consider when leading and managing testing - regardless of whether testing is subcontracted or not. The book suits everyone who wants to understand what testing is. Read more about the book and order it here.

ACT 2 LEAD is also the acronym (heuristic) that Marko and Kari use to summarize what software testing leadership is. You can use it as a mnemonic to help you remember 8 key aspects when building, leading or managing testing.

ACT 2 LEAD website is a central site for information and services about testing, especially about leading it. It also contains the services we deliver to our clients.

ACT 2 LEAD heuristic:

Add: Add testing to everything you do so that the testing is not a separate function or process. Lead it as a whole.

Context: Understand your context and lead testing accordingly. There is not just one correct way to test or lead it.

Transparency: Demand and create visibility into testing, regardless of whether testing is outsourced or not. The better the visibility, the better it can be led.

2: Ensure that your product is tested by both humans and machines. Humans are good at exploring the product, and automation is good at checking the product - both are needed.

Learn: Learn to test and test to learn. Use learnings to improve testing and how it is led. Use learnings also to improve the product itself and the business.

Enable: Enable good quality testing by creating a quality culture where the importance of testing and quality is understood. Boost the culture via your daily work and the decisions you make.

Adapt: Adapt testing to risks. Focus testing on high-risk areas and mitigate risks by testing those areas first.

Diverse: Ensure that testing is diverse. The more diverse testing you have, the more diverse information you will get.

The amazing book cover illustration was created by Adrienn  Széll.


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